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Rp 650.000

Amity Lamb & Rice Adult

Harga member Rp.600.000

Harga non member Rp.700.000

Amity with meat of lamb and rice are a special formula Monoprotieca High Verdaulichkeit and compatible,

designed for dogs with food Intoleranzen/allergies or special of digestive upsets. The highlights of the formula are the away of soy, maize, cut wheat, cereals have chromatic aberration, especially between sensitivity the intestinal infections, and the presence of a lamb as source of protein. Through this last feature, the liner can also be used in the diets excluded. The meat from the lamb, special features: easier to verdauen; the quality is excellent and bursting with flavour, very appreciated in dogs, even in the most demanding.

All you need to do is connect to other natural ingredients, including fruit and vegetables on layers Agierenden, excellent source of vitamins and minerals, herbs and plant extracts. The Luzerne – for example, is known for its high capacity of fiber and carotenoids, the seaweed are rich in iodine and amino acids, while the turnip smoking wood chips Uses To control the odours, combined with the special dietary supplement contributes to the maintenance of the healthy gut and efficient. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium, rather than that, natural antioxidants to protect cells and slows down the ageing processes.

Composition: Cereals (rice min. 4%), fish meal dried meat (Lamb min. 4%), products and by-products of vegetable origin, Oils and Fats (fat from Hydrolysiertem Chicken); Beet chips, chicken, minerals.

Analy tables components: crude protein 25.0%, Oils And Fats 12%, Rohasche 2.5%, Fibre 3%, Moisture 10%. Diet, additives: vitamin A 21,000 physiological U.I. set/kg; Vitamin D3 1200 U.I./kg; Vitamin E (Tocopherolacetato) 120 mg/kg; (E1) 150 mg/kg; (E4) 12 mg/kg (E5) 11 mg/kg; (E6) 130 mg/kg; I (E2) 2.0 mg/kg; Se (E8) 0.26 mg/kg.

Technology with, additives: Antioxidants.

Recommended doses:

(Animal weight = daily dose) 5-10 kg = 105-175 g

10-20 kg = 175-395 g

20-30 kg = 395-400 g

30-40 kg = 400-495 g

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